About Humbyl CoinCOIN

Humbyl Coin (HBL) is a decentralized ERC20 cryptocurrency built on Ethereum Blockchain, supporting multiple protocols to build an ecosystem to support Humbyl and Blockchain communities.


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---.-- USD = 1 ETH = ---- HBL

About Humbyl FundFUND

Humbyl Fund is a decentralized crowdfunding platform for investors to back startups on Blockchain. It is the 1st ever crowdfunding platform and startup incubator powered by Blockchain technology.

Having exciting ideas to start a project?

About Humbyl Fund DAppFUND

A one-stop decentralized platform for innovative startups to seek funding from crypto investors and get promotions from influencers.

We invited startups from the following industries:

  • Technology
  • Art
  • Film
  • Gameing
  • Music
  • Publishing

FOUNDAHumbyl Fund
Backed By Humbyl Coin

Starting with a supply of 10 billion Humbyl Coins (HBL) throughout Humbyl Community, 4 billion (40%) will be distributed to the public. Those coins can be purchased and used on Humbyl Fund -- the world’s 1st decentralized crowdfunding platform for crypto investors to back startups on Blockchain.

We appreciate if you want to support Humbyl Community by investing in us. You are welcome to be an advisor, early adopter and/or investor.

Humbyl Roadmap ROADMAP

June 2021

Establishment of Humbyl Community

September 2021

Beginning of governance and support from Humbyl

October 2021

Launch of Humbyl Fund and start of using HBL for startup investment on Blockchain

December 2021

Release of Humbyl Fund Smart Rating™ powered by Blockchain and AI

H1 2022

Establishment of Humbyl Influencer Talent Community

H2 2022

Launch of Humbyl Incubator -- the world’s 1st startup incubator on Blockchain


More Humbyl products to come...

Why Humbyl Fund? WHY

Humbyl Fund revolutionizes the startup crowdfunding business, making the funding process safe and offering transparent access, which helps startups to maximize the success rate of surviving.

Transparent funding and investor history
Safe and secure funding transactions
Anonymous and keep your privacy safe
Trusted data storage on Blockchain that is unable to change

How to get started? HOW

Let’s get your startup investing journey started

media 1. Create ETH wallet and get ETH
media 2. Buy HBL with ETH
media 3. Invest startups with HBL
media 4. See starups values go up

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